Working Test 5 - Wemmergill 2015

Working Test 5 - Wemmergill 2015 to be held on 08 Aug 2015 at Wemmergill Estate by kind permission of Mr Cannon

Event Type: Retriever Working Test

Closing Date: 01 Aug 2015

Draw Date: 01 Aug 2015

Draw Time / Location: 17:00 / By computer


  • Open A/V Retriever
    • Members Entry Fee: £5
    • Non Member Entry Fee: £6
    • Max Entries: 99
    • Judges: Mrs Judith (Polly) Dunckley , Mr S McDermott , Mr Kevin Butler , Mr K Churside

Entry to this event has closed.

Owner Dog(s)
Mr J Pallister
Wolston Gold Geordie Boy
Mr P Dixon
Waysgreen Barracuda
Greenbriar Tango
Mr Jeff Smart
Lola's Red Boy
Mr I Palmer
Marhystin King
Mrs Roz Mcilroy
Autumnwillow Scout
Sealpin Gunna
Mr G Kelly
Rosewildream Robbie
Avonstream Adonis
Mr John Lupton
Greenbriar raft