Stake 2 - 16 Dog Novice Cocker 2020

Stake 2 - 16 Dog Novice Cocker 2020 to be held on 05 Sep 2020 at Stean, North Yorkshire by kind permission of Lord Vestey

Event Type: Spaniel Field Trial

Closing Date: 22 Aug 2020

Draw Date: 23 Aug 2020 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Draw Time / Location: 20:00 / Total Club Management System. The secretary’s home address. All welcome, please advise if attending.


  • 16 Dog Novice Cocker
    • Members Entry Fee: £35
    • Non Member Entry Fee: £45
    • Max Entries: 16
    • Judges: Mr J.R Bailey , Mr D Lee

Entry to this event has closed.

Owner Dog(s)
Mr Ian Openshaw
Glenrussell Selene
Mr R Ellershaw
Ciallneart Pipers Parade
Miss Alexandra Hayes
Endowood Gizmo
Mrs F Brooks
Swallowlaw Samurai
Mr Stephen Hood
Dunhamswood Bloomin Bertie
Mr Martyn (Andrew) Elliott
Kerdat Iron Lady
Mr Jason Waldron
Mallowdale Val
Mr John Robertson
Sandford Islay of Donnachaidh
Mr Chris West
Brteckmarsh Jack (AW2)
Mr R Claydon
Claxbywood Brodie’s comet of kingcott
Ms Kim Varty
Delphaven Calypso
Mr Ryan Kay
Farlavale Ebor
Mr Brody Chequer
Boggwater Chipstix of Chequersmate
Mrs L Hudson
Chyknell Charlie
Mr Ryan Kay
Farlavale Musidora
Mr James Luxford
Howesyke Diva
Mr David Jennings
Mallowdale Yapper
Mr D Sutherland
Happy Hornet
Mr M Farish
Flassview Dynamo
Mr M Smee
Glenlaggan Firefly
Mr Kenny McMillan
Kingsmeadow Vortex
Mr W Clulee
Meriroyles Mr Mischief
Mr Gary Veasy
Mallowdale Sooty
Mr S Winspear
Glenlaggan Firework
Mr R Whittam
Rakesmoor Crespo

Stake 2 - 16 Dog Novice Cocker 2020 - 16 Dog Novice Cocker

Position Owner Status
1 Mr John Robertson Runner
2 Mr Brody Chequer Runner
3 Mr Ian Openshaw Runner
4 Miss Alexandra Hayes Runner
5 Mr S Winspear Runner
6 Mr Kenny McMillan Runner
7 Mr Gary Veasy Runner
8 Mr Ryan Kay Runner
9 Mr W Clulee Runner
10 Mr James Luxford Runner
11 Ms Kim Varty Runner
12 Mr Martyn (Andrew) Elliott Runner
13 Mrs L Hudson Runner
14 Mr Stephen Hood Runner
15 Mr M Farish Runner
16 Mr R Claydon Runner
17 Mr M Smee Withdrawn
18 Mr Jason Waldron Withdrawn
19 Mr R Ellershaw Withdrawn
20 Mr David Jennings Withdrawn
21 Mrs F Brooks Withdrawn
22 Mr D Sutherland Withdrawn
23 Mr R Whittam Withdrawn
24 Mr Chris West Reserve
25 Mr Ryan Kay Reserve

Stake 2 - 16 Dog Novice Cocker 2020 - 16 Dog Novice Cocker

Position Dog Owner Handler
1st Glenrussell Selene Mr Ian Openshaw Mrs W Openshaw
2nd Claxbywood Brodie’s comet of kingcott Mr R Claydon Mr R Claydon
3rd Delphaven Calypso Ms Kim Varty Mr Will Clulee
4th Flassview Dynamo Mr M Farish Mr M Farish
CoM Sandford Islay of Donnachaidh Mr John Robertson Mr John Robertson
CoM Boggwater Chipstix of Chequersmate Mr Brody Chequer Mr Brody Chequer
CoM Endowood Gizmo Miss Alexandra Hayes Miss Alexandra Hayes