Stake 3 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel 2023

Stake 3 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel 2023 to be held on 01 Aug 2023 at Buttertubs Estate, Hawes, Yorkshire by kind permission of

Event Type: Spaniel Field Trial

Closing Date: 17 Jul 2023

Draw Date: 18 Jul 2023 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Draw Time / Location: 20:00 / Total Club Management System. The secretary’s home address. All welcome, please advise if attending.


  • 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel
    • Members Entry Fee: £40
    • Non Member Entry Fee: £60
    • Max Entries: 16
    • Judges: Mr Ian Openshaw , Mr S.J. Charlton , Mr Chris Slater , Mr Michael Huitson

Entry to this event has closed.

Owner Dog(s)
Mr Anthony Mullins
Danzarg Lady Bracken
Mr Daniel Boyle
Imperial Gloriana
Miss Ellie Dunstan
Edgegrove amara of cindersash
Mr John Paterson
Broomfield shenzi
Walkerton ace
Mr Dave Moore
Gorsebay Raphina
Mr Charlie Mackender
Sliabh Bolt at Skipmeg
Mr Leroy Buckland
Tyberius Slash of Witchwillow
Mr Andy Parker
Fuselea Happy
Mr Leon Bishop
Valentino Sunrise of Thatchstone
Mr Simon Dixon
Dawsonlee Pepsi
Mr Stewart Cameron
Eborakon Cassiel of Sunshot
Mr Robert Lithgow
Bankbrae furious
Miss Holly Mallabourn
Ribblebrook Rocky
Syncerus Shanti of Ribblebrook
Ms Victoria West
Boggwater Hendricks of Brumalis
Mr Stephen Tyson
Rytex Raceing
Mr Brian Wade
Delflush Delta
Mr Kenny McMillan
Kingsmeadow Carina
Cudannsa Shapinsay
Mr Jamie Church
Sperrinside Ray
Mr Stephen Tyson
Mallowdale Moth

Stake 3 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel 2023 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel

Position Owner Status
1 Mr Stephen Tyson Runner
2 Mr Robert Lithgow Runner
3 Mr Dave Moore Runner
4 Mr Leroy Buckland Runner
5 Mr John Paterson Runner
6 Miss Holly Mallabourn Runner
7 Ms Victoria West Runner
8 Mr Charlie Mackender Runner
9 Mr Simon Dixon Runner
10 Mr Kenny McMillan Runner
11 Mr Stephen Tyson Runner
12 Mr John Paterson Runner
13 Miss Holly Mallabourn Runner
14 Mr Daniel Boyle Runner
15 Mr Kenny McMillan Runner
16 Mr Brian Wade Runner
17 Miss Ellie Dunstan Withdrawn
18 Mr Leon Bishop Withdrawn
19 Mr Andy Parker Withdrawn
20 Mr Anthony Mullins Withdrawn
21 Mr Jamie Church Reserve
22 Mr Stewart Cameron Withdrawn

Stake 3 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel 2023 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel

Position Dog Owner Handler
1st Delflush Delta Mr Brian Wade Mr Brian Wade
2nd Bankbrae furious Mr Robert Lithgow Mr Robert Lithgow
3rd Syncerus Shanti Miss Holly Mallabourn Miss Holly Mallabourn
CoM Boggwater Hendricks of Brumalis Ms Victoria West Ms Victoria West
CoM Kingsmeadow Carina Mr Kenny McMillan Mr Kenny McMillan