Stake 4 - 16 Dog Novice A/V 2015

Stake 4 - 16 Dog Novice A/V 2015 to be held on 03 Nov 2015 at Bow Hill, Nr Selkirk, Borders by kind permission of Mr Stuart Riddell

Event Type: Spaniel Field Trial

Closing Date: 23 Oct 2015

Draw Date: 24 Oct 2015 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Draw Time / Location: 20:00 / FT Secretary Home


  • 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel
    • Members Entry Fee: £30
    • Non Member Entry Fee: £40
    • Max Entries: 16
    • Judges: Mr M Smee , Mr William Drummond

Entry to this event has closed.

Owner Dog(s)
Mr G.E Wilson
Flaxdale Max of Witchwillows
Flaxdale Oz of Witchwillows
Mr Frank J.P Geraghty
Macgiriaght Asil
Mr Liam Griffiths
mouse mole molly
Mr G Sygrove
Geoffs Hope
Mr Martin Conway
Edwardiana butum at moonreed
Mr Steven Lapinskie
Nithvalley Lacey (AQ2)
Mr David Jennings
Kilhopemoss Aramis
Mr J Baldwin
Kilhopemoss Black Magic
Mr P Flaherty
Edwardiana Kerry of Shirescourt
Edwardiana Handy of Shirescourt
Mr David Williams
jewellery maker
Mr S Dunn
Sneggy High Flyer
Mr Callum Nish
Sharmsvale Blenheim
Mr Liam Knaggs
Water park Clancy
Mr M.A Mole
Greengates Hurricane
Mr J.M Taylor
Biteabout Cannon
Mr Robert Huxley
coomdod meg
Mr Steven Blackwell
Luthmhor Draco
Miss Alexandra Hayes
evancroft jazzmine
Mr N Sykes
Castlepride Lark
Dr Lynne De Challans
Merovingian Mohgul Dancer
Mr J Atkinson
Syncerus Sinead
Mr S.J. Charlton
Kilhopemoss Black Pepper
Mr S Grace
Escargot Hydra

Stake 4 - 16 Dog Novice A/V 2015 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel

Position Owner Status
1 Dr Lynne De Challans Withdrawn
2 Mr G.E Wilson Runner
3 Mr Steven Blackwell Runner
4 Mr J Baldwin Runner
5 Mr J.M Taylor Withdrawn
6 Mr G Sygrove Withdrawn
7 Mr N Sykes Withdrawn
8 Mr Steven Lapinskie Runner
9 Mr Robert Huxley Runner
10 Miss Alexandra Hayes Runner
11 Mr S.J. Charlton Runner
12 Mr S Grace Withdrawn
13 Mr M.A Mole Runner
14 Mr G.E Wilson Runner
15 Mr David Williams Runner
16 Mr Liam Knaggs Runner
17 Mr David Jennings Withdrawn
18 Mr Martin Conway Withdrawn
19 Mr Callum Nish Withdrawn
20 Mr P Flaherty Withdrawn
21 Mr P Flaherty Withdrawn
22 Mr S Dunn Withdrawn


1st Syncerus Sublime - Victoria Williams

2nd and Guns Choice Evancroft Jazzmine - Alex Hayes

3rd Luthmor Draco - Steve Blackwell

4th Coomdod Meg - Bob Huxley

C.o.M - Derek Nicholls

Stake 4 - 16 Dog Novice A/V 2015 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel