Stake 6 - 16 Dog Open Cocker 2017

Stake 6 - 16 Dog Open Cocker 2017 to be held on 25 Nov 2017 at Raby Estate, Middleton-in-Teesdale by kind permission of Lord Barnard

Event Type: Spaniel Field Trial

Closing Date: 10 Nov 2017

Draw Date: 11 Nov 2017 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Draw Time / Location: 20:00 / Total Club Management System


  • 16 Dog Open Cocker
    • Members Entry Fee: £35
    • Non Member Entry Fee: £45
    • Max Entries: 16
    • Judges: Mr Stewart Seward , Mr B Watkins

Entry to this event has closed.

Owner Dog(s)
Mr J Atkinson
Dakota Arwin
Mr Ian Openshaw
Endowood Beatrice
Mr S Winspear
Kiltonbeck Rollo
Kiltonbeck Helga
H M The Queen
Mallowdale Diamond
Mr Ron Henry
Howsyke Bertie
Miss Alexandra Hayes
Timsgarry Jynx
Mr Angelo Pereira
the little pear tree
Mr jamie smith
Abiann Flawless
Mr M Smee
Amtosk Countach
Mr John Eyre
Trochry Serene
Mr D Sutherland
Endowood Cromford
Mr Ryan Kay
Starry Skye of FarlaVale
Mr J Reid
Glenugie's Nalani
Glenugie's Grace
Mr A Kirk
Pinsark Anastasia
Professor Lesley Young
Mr Darran McGhee
Willowsaul Melt int Middle of Rushymoor
Mr J Starkey
Trochry Magic of Jarailstar
Mrs Julie Pickering
Botcherghyll Iowa
Miss Samantha Thatcher
Windwithe Solitaire of Strigidae
Mr Robert Lithgow
heather brook
Mr Andrew Whitehouse
sugarbullet ravens quest
Mr S Mossop
Amberquest Diva
Mr Paul Seaman
Pixiefen Aphrodite
Mr A Robinson
Meadowsedge Ptarmigan
Mr David Corner
Kenquince Lake Sunset
Mr L Cooper
Tiptopjack Ajay
Mr Mike Forbes
Poolgreen Crafty of Omachie
Omachie Beinn Lui
Mrs Wendy Openshaw
Endowood Clown
Mallowdale Euro

Stake 6 - 16 Dog Open Cocker 2017 - 16 Dog Open Cocker

Position Owner Status
1 H M The Queen Runner
2 Mr J Reid Runner
3 Professor Lesley Young Runner
4 Mr Darran McGhee Runner
5 Mr S Winspear Runner
6 Mr Angelo Pereira Runner
7 Mr Mike Forbes Runner
8 Mr A Kirk Runner
9 Mr L Cooper Runner
10 Mr David Corner Runner
11 Mr D Sutherland Runner
12 Mr Ian Openshaw Runner
13 Mr J Starkey Runner
14 Mr Ron Henry Runner
15 Mr Ryan Kay Runner
16 Mr Andrew Whitehouse Runner
17 Mrs Julie Pickering Withdrawn
18 Mr J Atkinson Withdrawn
19 Mr A Robinson Withdrawn
20 Mr jamie smith Withdrawn
21 Mr M Smee Withdrawn
22 Miss Alexandra Hayes Reserve
23 Mr J Reid Reserve
24 Mrs Wendy Openshaw Reserve
25 Mr Mike Forbes Reserve
26 Mr S Winspear Reserve
27 Mrs Wendy Openshaw Reserve
28 Mr Robert Lithgow Reserve
29 Mr Paul Seaman Reserve
30 Miss Samantha Thatcher Reserve
31 Mr S Mossop Reserve
32 Mr John Eyre Reserve


1st Tiptopjack Ajay - Lee Cooper

2nd Pinsark Anastasia - Andy Kirk

3rd Poolgreen Crafty of Omachie - Alec Coutts

4th Kiltonbeck Helga - Stephen Winspear

C.o.M Mallowdale Diamond - Ian Openshaw

C.o.M Willowsaul Melt In’t Middle of Rushymoor - Darran McGhee

C.o.M The Little Pear Tree - Angelo Pereira

C.o.m Sugarbullet Ravens Quest - Andrew Roy Whitehouse

Stake 6 - 16 Dog Open Cocker 2017 - 16 Dog Open Cocker