Stake 6 - 16 Dog Open Cocker 2023

Stake 6 - 16 Dog Open Cocker 2023 to be held on 25 Nov 2023 at Raby Estate, Middleton-in-Teesdale by kind permission of Lord Barnard

Event Type: Spaniel Field Trial

Closing Date: 11 Nov 2023

Draw Date: 12 Nov 2023 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Draw Time / Location: 21:30 / Total Club Management System The secretary’s home address. All welcome, please advise if attending.


  • 16 Dog Open Cocker
    • Members Entry Fee: £50
    • Non Member Entry Fee: £70
    • Max Entries: 16
    • Judges: Mr D Sutherland , Mr Alan Sankey

Entry to this event has closed.

Owner Dog(s)
Mrs Janet Righton
Craiwarn Tinkers Stella of Costapakit
Mr Nathan Harkess
Kentwone Passion Mulberry
Mr David Jennings
Mallowdale Yapper
Mr James Newhouse
Donnachaidh losgaintir
Mr Andrew Fletcher
marshkeepers wasp
Mrs L Hudson
Mynyddislwyn heros
Pinsark Maggie
Mr Craig Dean
Eliza grange Jen of Hownsgill
Mr Jaseon Atkinson
Diamondfinda Dive Rite in
Mr Robert Lithgow
Howesyke serana
Mr Brody Chequer
Strigidae surnia of chequersmate
Mr Paul Seaman
Pixiefen Penny
Heathcroft Kane of Pixiefen
Mr I English
helmsway serena
Miss Fran Ardley
Heathcroft Flyn of Tarncrag
Miss Alexandra Hayes
Popsheath Amber
Mr Anthony Myers
Popsheath Abbie
Mr Ian Openshaw
Popsheath Art
Mr S Winspear
Glenlaggan Firefight
Kiltonbeck Salute
HM King Charles III
Wolferton Candy
Mr M Farish
Normicky Elsie
Normicky Ada
Mr Jaseon Atkinson
Croimhor Kathleen
Mr L Cooper
Breckmarsh Elma
Miss Susan Hunton
Spirocon Cassandra of Novaton
Mr Gavin Lockyer
Endashaw Desire
Mr Jamie Church
Sperrinside Nettle
Ms Katie McQueen
Matrixglen Angelo
Mr B Faley
Mallowdale Jo
Mr Ian Openshaw
Mallowdale Jolly

Stake 6 - 16 Dog Open Cocker 2023 - 16 Dog Open Cocker

Position Owner Status
1 Mr Jamie Church Runner
2 Mr Robert Lithgow Runner
3 Mr Nathan Harkess Runner
4 Ms Katie McQueen Runner
5 Mr Gavin Lockyer Runner
6 Mr L Cooper Runner
7 Mr S Winspear Runner
8 Mr Ian Openshaw Runner
9 Miss Susan Hunton Runner
10 Mr I English Runner
11 Mr S Winspear Runner
12 Mr David Jennings Runner
13 Mr Brody Chequer Runner
14 Miss Fran Ardley Runner
15 Mr B Faley Runner
16 Mrs Janet Righton Withdrawn
17 Mr Paul Seaman Withdrawn
18 Mr M Farish Withdrawn
19 Mr Anthony Myers Withdrawn
20 HM King Charles III Withdrawn
21 Mr Paul Seaman Withdrawn
22 Mr Andrew Fletcher Withdrawn
23 Mr Craig Dean Withdrawn
24 Mr Jaseon Atkinson Withdrawn
25 Mr M Farish Withdrawn
26 Mrs L Hudson Withdrawn
27 Miss Alexandra Hayes Withdrawn
28 Mr Jaseon Atkinson Withdrawn
29 Mr James Newhouse Withdrawn
30 Mrs L Hudson Withdrawn
31 Mr Ian Openshaw Withdrawn

Stake 6 - 16 Dog Open Cocker 2023 - 16 Dog Open Cocker

Position Dog Owner Handler
1st Endashaw Desire Mr Gavin Lockyer Mr I Openshaw
2nd Kiltonbeck Salute Mr S Winspear Mr S Winspear
3rd Breckmarsh Elma Mr L Cooper Mr L Cooper
4th Mallowdale Jolly Mr Ian Openshaw Mr Ian Openshaw
CoM Mallowdale Yapper Mr David Jennings Mr David Jennings
CoM Strigidae surnia of chequersmate Mr Brody Chequer Mr Brody Chequer