Stake 8 - 16 Dog Novice A/V 2021

Stake 8 - 16 Dog Novice A/V 2021 to be held on 30 Jan 2021 at Stean, North Yorkshire by kind permission of Lord Vestey

Event Type: Spaniel Field Trial

Closing Date: 16 Jan 2021

Draw Date: 17 Jan 2021 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Draw Time / Location: 20:00 / Total Club Management System. The secretary’s home address. All welcome, please advise if attending.


  • 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel
    • Members Entry Fee: £35
    • Non Member Entry Fee: £45
    • Max Entries: 16
    • Judges:

Entry to this event has closed.

Owner Dog(s)
Mr Liam Mulcrow
Edgegrove Venus of Mulraven
Mr Stuart Woodcock
Greenspire Snipe of Littlescot
Mr Adrian Doyle
Fleekform Baron Of Chipindor
Rapidgold Snow Tease Of Chipindor
Mr Kev Richardson
Willowsaul Whirr
Mr Richard Sanderson
Dakota Gun Suzie Q
Mr Paul Matthews
Fuselea Ivan
Mr Andy Parker
Smithson ranger of parkforth
Mrs Janet Righton
Craiwarn Tinkers Stella of Costapakit
Mr Daniel Owen
Fuselea Idris
Mr James Thackray
Bandrakie Sam
Miss Holly Mallabourn
Greenspire MegAmber Jewel of Ribblebrook
Mr Paul Murray
Blackhawk Gunner
Mr Andrew Senior
Ornises Opihr
Mr Ian Wyer
Shoscombe Marsh Harrier
Mrs Stephanie Wills
Loyalwill Fizzy Rascal
Mrs Susan Moore
Ardyle Marmelo
Professor Lesley Young
Whispered Special Secret at Equinecho
Mr W.G.R Meldrum
Mrs Dawn Newman
cornermarsh cristo
kenaiteen cuphea cotton
Mr M Jacques
Yarkdale Bizzy
Mr Graham Clark
Pittendreich Pia
Pittendreich Starla