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Inter-Club Working Test Result

27 Jul 2014

The Inter-Club working test took place on Sunday 27th July at Muggleswick Estate.

1st Tyne Tees and Tweed FTA

2nd Northumberland and Durham Labrador Retriever Club

3rd Burns and Becks Gundog Club

4th Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria 

Muggleswick Estate Working Test Result

12 Jul 2014

1st Mongo Pongo, Roz McGilroy
2nd Raven Chief, G Allan
3rd Mayladlea Upland, Jill Grant
4th Woodsprite Kes, B Lambell

1st Abberwick Red Devil, D Scott
2nd Westmacott Fern, G Dawson
3rd Fenhart Onyx, Mike Nelson
4th KennineSurprise, I Palmer

1st Lowforge Glenaveigh of Leacaz, L Hartis
2nd Ffynongain Orian of Westmacott, S McDermott
3rd Saxaphone Brown Ale of Lincswold, R King
4th Westmacott Spirit Dancer, K Parkinson

Stake 2 - 16 Dog Novice A/V Spaniel Result

12 Jul 2014

1st Syncerus Sinbad, ESS Dog - Mr Geoff Devine-Jones

2nd Rothivale Maple of Edgegrove, ESS Bitch - Jeremy Organ

3rd Bloomingdash Breeze, ESS Bitch - Mark Pearson

4th Fuselea Barracuda, ESS Bitch - Paul Matthews

COM's to:

Boothsbrow Jet - James Starkey

Kerdats Purdy  - A Elliot

Fentoncourt Donna of Witchwillows - George Wilson

Stake 1 - 16 Dog Novice Cocker Spaniel Result

11 Jul 2014

1st Chyknell Golden Eagle - Eddie Scott 

2nd Fernmoss Gertie - Roy Ellershaw

3rd Poolgreen Bill - Linda Hudson

4th Golden Nectar - Fran Ardley

Stean Draws

28 Jun 2014

The draw for Stake 1 - 16 Dog Novice Cocker is now available.

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The draw for Stake 2 - 16 Dog A/V Spaniel is now available.

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Hagg Wood Working Test Result

08 Jun 2014

1st Killhopemoss Mafiosa. ESS Dog - Mick Huitson
2nd Chinachgook Generous. ESS Dog - Paul Matthews
3rd Chinachgook Shardari. ESS Bitch - Owner Ian Clarke, handled by Paul Matthews
4th Broadmeafarm Charlie. CS Dog - Ryan Kay

Cragg Estate Working Test Results

17 May 2014

Puppy awards
1st Mrs S Richardson's rookhope of little Elia
2nd Mr B Duggans, Grovery Farrel
3rd Mr S Cockburns Druimmuir Delta
4th Mrs G Mcnabs Grovery Fallon
Com Mr G Allens Raven Chief.

Novice awards
1st Mrs S Halls Shadybugs Living on the Edge
2nd Mr G Dawsons Westmacott Fern
3rd Mrs L Herons Brigburn calamity Jane 
4th Mrs R Macillroys ????

Open awards
1st B Duggans Minstead Odin
2nd Mr M Nelsons Cynhinfa Jenny 
3rd Mr L Hartis FTCH Lowforge Aragon of Leacaz
4th Mr K Barnes Waysgreen Bathsheba

Spaniel Information Page Updated!

15 May 2014

The Spaniel information page has been updated with all Field Trail and Working Test entry forms. Click here to go directly to the info page

Retriever Information Updated

13 May 2014

The Retriever information page has been updated with all Field Trail and Working Test entry forms. Click here to go directly to the info page

New Website Launched!

01 May 2014

We're currently working on the development of a new admin system/website - updates to the website will be rolled out over the coming weeks!

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